The Costume Plot

40: Okja & Mad Max: Fury Road

April 29, 2022
The Costume Plot
40: Okja & Mad Max: Fury Road
Show Notes

Here we are with a coincidentally timed "eco commentary" theme for Earth Month! That worked out well! Strap in as we investigate the costuming in the films Okja and Mad Max: Fury Road, two films with eco-political messages. Be aware that we do discuss the upsetting plots of these films, and the Mad Max costumes feature a lot of body horror.

Minor correction: Jenny Beavan in fact WON her Oscar for Cruella! She wasn't just nominated.

Mad Max costuming website

Follow along with the visual analysis via these links or the slideshow on YouTube!
Okja: Instagram, Pinterest
Mad Max: Fury Road: Instagram, Pinterest

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